Living with the climate crisis – psychologically based groups to help people respond creatively and collectively to our global dilemmas

  • Welcome!

    We are delighted to welcome you to the Climate Psychology Alliance’s new project Living with the climate crisis. On this site you will find materials and guidance for running a series of group meetings which aim to help people respond to the climate crisis, both personally and collectively. 

    Anxiety, distress, burnout and despair are common responses to struggling with the issue. Living with the climate crisis groups offer a mix of psychologically based groupwork and experiential learning which can be used flexibly to support people in managing their feelings, experiences and actions.

    Join us for the online  launch of the project on Monday 17 April 19.00-20.30 UK time – find out more and book here.

    The groups provide a space for people to talk, to share, to express what they feel and to reflect. They offer tools, ideas and skills for action. They emphasise our shared humanity, our interdependence and the need for a collective response. They are rooted in psychological understandings of our distress, of our difficulties in communication and of each person’s need to find a place in a bewildering array of possibilities for action.

    The materials are designed to be used by experienced facilitators and are made available under creative commons licences with the hope that they will be used widely.

    The authors, Ro Randall, Rebecca Nestor and Daniela Fernandez-Catherall, are psychological practitioners who have been involved in the climate movement for many years.

    We hope you will enjoy these materials and find them useful. We want to create a community of practitioners who can use the materials flexibly and creatively in their own work and help us develop them further. We welcome feedback. Contact us here.