The old Carbon Conversations project has been replaced by Living with the Climate Crisis. Carbon Conversations was an internationally acclaimed, award-winning project which started in 2007 and brought people together in small groups to talk about their responses to climate change and work out how to respond. It had a narrower focus than Living with the Climate Crisis and its materials are now very out of date. A short account of the old project, its approach and its history can be found here. The materials are available below in order to preserve the historical record and for use by anyone still interested.

Carbon Conversations Materials

In Time for Tomorrow? the Carbon Conversations Handbook by Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown. Guide to individual carbon reduction and how to go about it, including tackling the social, emotional and cultural conflicts. Each member of a Carbon Conversations group needs a copy.
You can download electronic copies of the book as a .pdf .
The book itself is out of print. 

 In Time for Tomorrow? the International Carbon Conversations Handbook by Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown. International version of the above, in both A4 and US/Canada print sizes, without the detailed UK information on carbon reduction and without the UK illustrative stories. Users will need to provide their own specific country data to accompany this version or incorporate within it, ( as allowed by the license )

The Carbon Conversations Facilitators’ Guide by Rosemary Randall. Detailed guidance on how to run a group, covering group process, the psychology of climate change, facilitation skills, group activities and outlines for each meeting.

The Carbon Conversations Workbook by Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown. Workbook for monitoring and recording household carbon emissions. Each group member will need a copy of this.

Carbon Conversations Games. Three board games, one modelling home energy, one exploring travel dilemmas and one explaining the emissions from food. These were particularly useful for introducing difficult technical information (Low Carbon House game), discussing contentious policy issues (the Travel Dilemmas game) and explaining the complexity of embodied emissions (Food Footprints game)

Games boards

Games cards

Games instructions

Cards for the ‘Understanding the Numbers’ activity described in the Facilitator’s Guide

Star Ratings. Explanation of the methodology behind the star ratings used in Carbon Conversations.

Carbon Calculator and the Online Workbook, spreadsheets developed by Andy Brown and Peter Harper have not been archived here as they are out of date and are not being maintained. If you have any queries, please email Andy Brown